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Google Voice + Fluid (SSB)

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Google Voice Icon

Google Voice Icon by malabooboo

Google Voice is the eighth wonder of the world.

Mac users lucky enough to have secured an invite might consider creating a Fluid site specific browser to carve out some space for Google Voice on the Dock.

An SSB is quite useful in itself, but even more so when a few CSS tweaks are applied.

After launching Fluid and creating the SSB for (I highly recommend using malabooboo's icon for the app icon), launch the newly created app and open the preferences panel.

Click on Userstyles and then on the plus button to add a new URL pattern.

In my case I simply used an asterisk (*) for the pattern, which matches any url. For more information on Userstyles, watch this video.

Adding your own CSS formatting instructions will alter how the page is displayed and potentially remove annoyances. Here are a few examples:

Allow the SMS textarea to be resized

.gc-quicksms div textarea {
    resize: both !important;

Stop the SMS history from being hidden (remove "more messages" link)

.gc-message-sms-old {
    display: block !important;
.gc-message-sms-show {
    display: none;

Hide the "Invite a Friend" link

#gc-sidebar-invites {
    display: none;

Hide the Google Services links

#gbar {
        display: none;

Remember to refresh the browser window with CMD-R to apply any changes made to the userstyles.

Google Voice


Alan Parks on 7 May 2010 at 12:54 pm

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