AJLogin is a user management script written in classic ASP that can be very easily integrated into existing web and intranet sites. The script uses a Microsoft Access database to store member account details and session variables to determine if a site visitor is logged-in.

Your web host must support ASP and ADODB in order to use AJLogin. In order to use any of the features involving e-mail, your web host must also support CDONTS or CDOSYS.


The script allows visitors to your site to register for membership in order to access "members only" pages that you designate. Over the years, the feature list has been expanded to include:

Please keep in mind that protected pages must use the .asp file extension (e.g. members.asp as opposed to members.htm or members.html). Don't be afraid to change the extension of existing .htm and .html files to .asp for the purposes of protecting them; the pages will display exactly the same (but you should obviously take care to update all links that point to the page). Instructions for protecting pages can be found below.


AJLogin is hosted on github.

You can download the source code as a zip file or check out a working copy with git:

git clone https://github.com/adamjarret/AJLogin.git

Getting Started

Installing/Configuring AJLogin

Using AJLogin