Ignoring Files

IMPORTANT: Ignoring a target file DOES NOT prevent it from being overwritten. Corresponding non-ignored origin files will always be uploaded if they exist.

  • Ignored origin files will not be listed/compared/uploaded

  • Ignored target files will not be listed/compared (or deleted when --delete is used)

  • Use --show-ignored (-x) or set showIgnored to true in the config file to display ignored files in command output

Glob Patterns

Glob patterns should adhere to the gitignore spec and will be matched against the File Key.

Patterns are applied in the following order (this is significant because the gitignore spec allows subsequent patterns to negate previous ones):

  1. Patterns loaded from .ignore File
  2. Patterns loaded from Config File
  3. Patterns provided as Arguments

Custom Function

Optionally, a custom ignores function can be defined for each provider (origin/target) in the config file.

It should accept a File parameter and return true if the file should be ignored, otherwise false. See below for an example.

Note: If an ignores function is defined for a provider, glob patterns (including any specified as command line arguments and/or loaded fom the related .ignore file) will have NO EFFECT on that provider.

.ignore File

By default, s3p automatically loads glob patterns from .s3p.origin.ignore and .s3p.target.ignore if they exist in the CWD.

  • Use --origin-ignore-path (-g) and/or --target-ignore-path (-G) or set ignorePath for the provider in the config file to load patterns from a different path .

  • Use --no-origin-ignore-path and/or --no-target-ignore-path or set ignorePath to false for the provider in the config file to prevent the corresponding ignore file from being loaded at all.

Config File

Optionally specify glob patterns or define a custom ignores function for each provider. If an ignores function is defined, patterns have no effect.


module.exports = {
  origin: {
    // Function: Ignore files with the extension '.zip'
    ignores: (file) => file.Key.endsWith('.zip'),
    root: '.'

  target: {
    // Patterns: Ignore files with the extension '.zip'
    ignorePatterns: ['*.zip'],
    // Path: Ignore files that match patterns loaded from this path
    ignorePath: '.s3p.ignore',
    root: 's3://my-bucket'

  schemaVersion: 2


Glob patterns may be specified on the command line:

  • Use --origin-ignore (-i) and/or --target-ignore (-I) to specify a pattern to ignore

  • Use --no-origin-ignore and/or --no-target-ignore to disregard all patterns for the provider that were specified as arguments


Ignore files with extension .tgz and the node_modules folder in origin and ignore files with extension .tmp in target:

npx s3p ls -t s3://my-bucket -I '*.tmp' -i '*.tgz' -i 'node_modules'

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